We are a State Funded Licensed Facility General Strategies

Community Services Counseling believes that drug addiction is a treatable disorder. Through treatment that we tailor to individual needs, clients learn to control their condition and live normal, productive lives. Like people with diabetes or heart disease, people in treatment for drug addiction learn behavioral changes and often take medications as part of their treatment regimen.

Our behavior therapies include counseling, psychotherapy, support groups, and family therapy. 
Many clients require other services as well, such as medical, mental health services and HIV prevention services. Wraparound Services are offered in 
conjunction with Idaho Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for employment support, psychiatric examinations and treatment medications. We work closely with the Idaho Department of Health and 
Welfare, Children and Family Services in attempts to reacquaint clients with their children. Additionally, we provide services to Felony and Misdemeanor Probation Services to help clients control their lives with chemical dependency and cognitive issues.


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various types of services available,
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